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Posts Tagged ‘ Berlin ’

Beware the Creeping Nazi Beast – A TV Review

February 26, 2018
Beware the Creeping Nazi Beast – A TV Review

Babylon Berlin, the 16-part TV series released on Netflix in late January 2018, may be the best television since Deadwood and possibly better that Breaking Bad, two of my favourites. Europe seems to think so and the North American reviews are generally positive. The New York Times predicts that it will become “an international...
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Berlin’s graffiti heaven

January 27, 2011

A stand-up comic by night and city tour guide by day, Summer Banks will lead us on no ordinary romp through Berlin. This transplanted Californian is here to teach curious and slightly adventuresome tourists about the finer points of graffiti art and alternative living in the squats of the trendy and in some ways...
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