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My NRA membership card has arrived . . . again

July 18, 2021

Living in America Series

I don’t know what attracts the National Rifle Association to my door each year. I don’t own a gun, abhor the killing machines, and do what I can to support all gun control measures. In fact, I advocate getting rid of America’s 300 million+ guns altogether. 

My philosophy: where there are guns death is bound to follow. Want proof? Go now to any news web site, newspaper (if you town still has one) or local radio station. Dollars to donuts, there will be another mass killing highlighted. 

It seems like such a no-brainer to get rid of the guns. I’m reminded of that famous scene in The Godfather where the two killers have just murdered someone: “Leave the gun, take the connolis.” That’s more my style. Take the sweet stuff of life, leave the 9 mms and AK15s behind. 

Anyway, my new NRA card provides me with “5-Star Benefits.” One of them is “NRA’s Rip-Stop Camo Duffel Bag.” This might be a good companion to my Sierra Club tote bag, but that would be a total contradiction. One promotes killing, the other tries to preserve life.

I was also offered a choice of magazines with “eye-popping photography.” One cover has a beautiful deer about to be massacred. Another has the latest “Ruger Precision RimFire” gun with scope. A third advertises the “224 Valkyrie” bullet. A final eye-popper is headlined “They won’t stop until they repeal the Second Amendment.” That’s the one where the Constitution guarantees the right to shoot each other. 

Okay. It doesn’t exactly say that. Here’s the actual text on the back of my new NRA card: “Bill of Rights Amendment II – A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

What the card fails to reveal is that the amendment was written to assure safety during the American Revolution of 1776.  Militias were fighting to build the American democracy. Now, militias are the yahoos who stormed the Capitol on January 6 in an attempt to overthrow the democratic transfer of power.

I can get all of these benefits for $30 a year. That’s a $15 discount. For 30 bucks I can join “the one firewall standing between your Second Amendment rights and those who would take your freedoms away.”

I’m all for taking away the right to bear arms, so that cancels me out. I won’t be part of the “biggest battles just ahead.” I won’t be “the key to victory.” And I won’t be on the front lines of the battle for freedom’s future.” At least I won’t be any of those things as a member of the NRA. 

I’ll be on the other side of the barricades, calling on Congress to eliminate the problem of guns . . . period. I support the quest to “ban millions of commonly owned firearms.” I support outlawing “ammo sales,” imposing “sky-high taxes on guns and ammo” and “door-to-door gun confiscation.” 

Before I discarded the offer of a new card, I hesitated. Could “five million NRA members” be wrong in their fight against the “gun-ban politicians and media elites who attack our guns and trample our freedoms”? Answer: Yes, they could and are wrong. I’m with the “gun-hating politicians and freedom-hating media.”            

So I won’t be part of the NRA’s fight to keep Americans unsafe. No, to the notion that it is somehow patriotic to take up arms against democratically elected governments. And a big double NO to people who would take us back to the Wild West, a time of lawlessness when six-gun violence was rampant.

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