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Burning Crosses – A Book Review

July 4, 2021

Mid-1920s Canada was a hotbed for KKK recruiters . . . and they’re still here

Allan Bartley, The Ku Klux Klan in Canada (Halifax: Formac Publishing, 2020), $24.95 (paper), 319 pages (photographs).        

For almost a century, the racist and often violent Ku Klux Klan has found a home in most provinces of the Peaceable Kingdom. They no longer wear cartoon-like outfits, but they are out there all the same and they still burn the occasional cross, as Allan Bartley reveals in his readable study of Klan activity in Canada. The motivational starting point was D.W. Griffiths’s 1915 film The Birth of a Nation. Local theatres keenly promoted the racist depiction of robed and hooded heroes of the Civil War. Reviewed favourably and frequently in local newspapers, Birth encouraged the founding of organizations of hate north of the border.


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