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A Meditation on Dandelions – A Child’s Wisdom

June 17, 2021

About the wisdom of a four-year-old

During a recent walk to the park, Calliope, my four-year-old great granddaughter, raced into a well-advanced field of dandelions, the result of my long neglect of lawn mowing. This short dialogue followed with her standing knee-deep in yellow flowers:

Calliope: Grandpa, what are dandelions?

Grandpa: They’re weeds.

Calliope: But they’re so pretty.

Grandpa: They are very pretty but they’re still weeds. 

Calliope: What are weeds?

Grandpa: Weeds are plants that don’t belong in gardens and lawns.

Calliope: They don’t belong here. But they’re so pretty.

Grandpa: No, they don’t belong.

Calliope: Grandpa, I don’t believe you.


I don’t believe


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