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Three Tunes for the Times – A Musical Comment

January 10, 2021

Songs that spoke to me again in 2020

Three songs that re-resonated for me through 2020 are part of  “Readers’ Choice,” an annual roundup of favourite songs posted at kuratedmusic.com. Kris Klaasen, my long-time music-listening companion, adviser and old friend, launched the site last year and has been using it to explore the broad reaches of the music world then sharing his findings. Here’s what appeared on the site.

Amy Winehouse

“I was thinking of three songs that have been with me this year more than others: Leonard Cohen’s Everybody Knows, Gordon Lightfoot’s If You Could Read My Mind, and Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black. It seems to me that all three tunes share a sense of uncertainty and lament that speaks to our times.”

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