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You Forgot Canada – A Commentary

November 26, 2020

An Invisible Canadian Cries Out for Truth, Justice and a Little Media Attention

The last straw came following the 2020 Emmys. When a Canadian TV comedy called Schitt’s Creek swept the annual American TV awards, the PBS NewsHour didn’t even mention it. They covered the awards, but only the American winners were named. Okay, before you tuck into your private corner to ask what a Canadian has to complain about, hear me out. polar North. But do they really care what Canada thinks or what TV shows it creates?

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One Response to You Forgot Canada – A Commentary

  1. Mike Theilmann on November 26, 2020 at 9:43 pm

    You make a good point Ron and it certainly reflects some of my experience living in Washington 2005-08. My over-riding impression working down there for the Canadian government was that Canada was very much an afterthought–sort of a yippy little dog, amusing and annoying in equal measures. That is until the Americans wanted something from us or we did something for them (e.g. our protection of American diplomats in Tehran). Much of my time down there was educating Americans as to the importance of the Canada-US relationship–facts like that at any one time Canada is the biggest trading parter for anywhere from 33-36 US states , or that we are a hugely important provider of energy to the US from hydro to oil. Of course, I met lots of individual Americans who were smart, liberal, well-educated and who had an appreciation for Canada. But individuals are not nations (or governments). Enjoyed your piece. Hope all well with you and Leola.

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