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Maltese Autumn –A Travel Essay

November 16, 2018

Adventures in the Mediterranean Sea Series

Of Goddesses, Homeric Heroes, Maltese Falcons, and Ancient Mariners

Taking a rowboat to Valletta

I’m sitting on a rooftop patio listening to church bells chime amidst the ceaseless scream of scooters on the narrow streets below. It’s late morning here in Malta, a tiny three-island archipelago in the middle of the vast Mediterranean Sea. My ostensible quest: to find a Maltese Falcon. But searching for the fictitious statue was only one excuse for visiting this obscure European outpost with its centuries of military history. The late September sun is burning down and I’m told it is oddly hot for this time of year. I’m covered in sweat much of the day. Mercifully there is air-conditioning in my bedroom and the cool air from its exhaust is making the rooftop more bearable. From my citadel I spy the Maltese public setting off to work, worship, and shop. Download the complete essay below.

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