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March for Our Lives – A Photo Essay

March 25, 2018

Anti-Gun Violence Protest Sends Powerful Message to Lawmakers

About 5,000 marchers took to the downtown streets of Eugene, Oregon, to show their support for gun control legislation on March 24 in conjunction with similar marches in hundreds of cities around the world.

Young people, often wearing orange sweatshirts, led the peaceful and remarkable quiet crowd in protest against gun violence in schools.

Called the March for Our Lives, the national action is associated with a movement that has grown from the deaths of 17 students and school staff in a killing spree at Florida high school.

The march came just two months before the 20th anniversary of a deadly shooting at a local high school, noted the Register-Guard newspaper.

Marchers want a federal ban on assault rifles and regulations that ensure guns are not sold to people who are dangerous or mentally ill. They also want stricter background checks before stores sell guns to purchasers.

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