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Venice Observed – A Travel Booklet with Photos

December 26, 2017

Introducing My Venice – Welcome to La Serenissima

She is “like many a beautiful mistress and a strong dark wine, never entirely frank with you . . . . Her past is enigmatic, her present contradictory, her future hazed in uncertainties.”

Jan Morris in The World of Venice

Why Venice? That’s what some of our friends asked when we announced that we were going to spend an extended period of time “living” in the famous Italian city of canals. Why would we want to test out the ‘liveability’ of what they considered a damp, snobbish has-been of a city, one that was likely to disappear under the Adriatic Sea? In the essays that follow I attempt to answer that question by way of sharing some of our experiences as Venetian wannabes.


Available on amazon.com in hard copy and Kindle.

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Venice Observed - A Travel Booklet with Photos by Ron Verzuh Radical Rag by Ron Verzuh Underground Times by Ron Verzuh Selling Labour Down Under by Ron Verzuh Changing Images by Ron Verzuh Feasting With Love by Ron Verzuh Tea Leaves by Ron Verzuh Remembering Salt by Ron Verzuh