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City Slicker Goes Under Ground – A Coal Mine Article

December 5, 2017

In the town of Lingan they don’t lie easy

Mine shift supervisor Gerrard O’Neil, health and safety regional representative Rob Wells, me, and health and safety national representative Janet Bertinuson.

Twenty years ago, I found myself in a coal mine two kilometers under the Atlantic Ocean in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Recently I was reminded of the experience and the article I wrote about it. The Cape Breton Post reprinted the piece under the headline “City Slicker Goes Under Ground.” The article begins as follows:

“‘In the town of Lingan they don’t lie easy.’ That old miner’s song wasn’t really about Lindgan, a tiny coal-mining hamlet near Sydney on Cape Breton Island. It was about Springhill, Nova Scotia, home of one of the world’s worst mining disasters.”

Attached is the full article as it appeared in The Public Employee, a quarterly magazine published by the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE).

Miner’s life – Public Employee – Spring 1987

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