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Venice Observed – A Photo Essay

December 3, 2017

Explore the Venice of Venetians

Clock tower from the Byzantine San Marco basilica terrace

Novelist Thomas Mann once described Venice as a “flattering and suspect beauty.” That enigmatic comment and others pushed me to learn more. So in September 2017 Leola and I spent three weeks immersed in the City of Islands, with daughter Alex joining us for one week. This photo essay attempts to capture what we saw. A forthcoming booklet called Venice Observed also offers some comments on our experience. With this my third visit, I wanted to go beyond the sights to explore the Venice of Venetians. In fact, the plan was to try “living” in this compact city of waterways. As the weeks quickly passed, I was increasingly swept away by the city’s magic, its magnificent art and architecture, its mystery, and its charm. I was also tempted to buy some yellow rubber boots in case the periodic high water flooding known as alta acqua struck as a regular reminder that Venice is probably living on borrowed time. Here, then, is some of my Venice in photographs.


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