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“The World Should Shiver” with Anger – A Commentary

April 16, 2017

Living in America Series - Trump Pushes Us Closer to the Brink

Trust the great Art Young to get it right.

It took less than two months in office for Donald J. Trump to haul out the Tomahawk cruise missiles and start bombing Syria. Just days later, Fox News was boasting that the president had dropped the “biggest non-nuclear bomb in history” on Afghanistan.

That must be some sort of record. It’s not surprising given that Trump is long on impulse and short on intellect, as New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow remarked in his April 10 column. It’s also terrifying to think that Trump is actually capable of using the “Bomb.”

Here’s an excerpt from the Blow article:

“It’s easy to sell the heroism of a humanitarian mission or the fear of terror or the two in tandem, as Trump attempted in this case,” Blow continues.

“The temptation to unleash America’s massive war machine is seductive and also addictive. Put that power in the hands of a man like Trump, who operates more on impulse and intuition than intellect, and the world should shiver.

“The problem comes when the initial glow dims and darkness descends. We punch holes in some place on the other side of the world and the war hawks — many beholden to the military-industrial complex — squawk and parade about with chests swollen.

“But, feeding the beast of war only amplifies its appetite. Market Watch reported last week, ‘It could cost about $60 million to replace the cruise missiles that the U.S. military rained on Syrian targets Thursday night,’ but Fortune reported that shares of weapons manufacturers, as soon as they began trading Friday, were ‘collectively gaining nearly $5 billion in market value’.

“War is a business, a lucrative one.”

What is equally upsetting is the speed with which the mass media congratulated Trump on sending cruise missiles into Syria. Somehow the bombings were construed as ‘doing the right thing’. Do the media owners feel compelled to include some “good news” amongst the mostly disastrous news that has flooded the media since his inauguration?

If that is the case, it seems a weird choice. After all, this is presidency that has so far brought nothing but fear, division, and uncertainty. So they chose to laud the man raining terror on a foreign nation?

Most of the editorialists and columnists have been calling Trump an idiot for the past two months or more. Now, suddenly, he’s a hero for avenging the 80 little children in Syria that were murdered by their own president?

Blow had it right. War is a highly profitable business. Trump is a businessman. Ergo it’s business as usual and the big business mass media are happy to report it as acceptable, even laudable, presidential behaviour.

With that said, how Trump expects to “Make America Great Again” continues to escape me. Will he bomb it into greatness? It’s true that most of America’s greatness has always stemmed from its military might. But it is also true that many of the world’s people hate America for it again and again.

Keep dropping those bombs, Donald. I’m sure you’ll hit the right button one of these days!

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