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Resisting Trump 1 – Living in America Series

February 4, 2017

Harper's Magazine calls for a counter-attack against Trump

Tim Barker, “Terms of Engagement,” Harper’s Magazine, February 2017, 28-29, offers some thoughtful remarks in his contribution to a cover story called  “A Resister’s Guide – Let the Counterattack Begin.” Ten other writers complete the section on how to resist the Trump excesses.

The following quote applies to our current celebration of Black History Month:

“Given current trends, it would take the average black family 228 years to match the level of wealth currently held by the average white family. It should not be difficult to see that race is, for non-white people in the United States, a fundamental way of experiencing material (‘class’) inequality.”

Here is a selection of Barker’s comments focusing on the class vs. identity discussion:

Class and Identity

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