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France, Autumn 2015 – A Photo Essay

November 22, 2015

Random impressions of French cities and countryside

Reflected chateau in the Dordogne

Chateau in the Dordogne

The images in this photo essay are presented randomly beginning with the streets of “The City of Light” and skipping to the South of France (Le Midi) where Leola and I spent time exploring the hilltop villages of Provence, the chateaux of the Dordogne, and the markets of Nice.

What we saw through our camera lenses struck many chords musical and otherwise – all of it magical. The selection shows impressions of dogs and their walkers; denizens of sidewalk cafes and markets; street life, and scenes that caught our eyes including quaint doorknockers, colourful windows, and antique street lamps.

Here are a few of my impressions. They were shot using a Nikon D60 with a 35-135 mm telephoto lens.

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