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Canada’s Vietnam Vets – A Feature Article

April 8, 2015

A high school friend goes to Vietnam

vietnam_1280“Allan M. was a quiet kid; a sissy, according to some of his school mates. He had few friends, wasn’t good at sports, least of all the potentially violent ones like football or hockey. He was a loner, not in the habit of opening up. As the yearbook put it: ‘This tall fair lad is so quiet he wouldn’t even tell us what his interests are’.

“Six month’s of carrying a rifle in Vietnam changed all that, just as it did for an unknown number of similarly restless young Canadians who volunteered to fight in a war that nobody liked.”

That’s how my feature story about a high school friend’s life in the U.S. Marines begins. It was published in The Globe and Mail on June 6, 1981, as a section front and was one of the first such articles to investigate the role of Canada’s Vietnam War volunteers. Here is the full article.

Canada’s Vietnam vets – Globe – June 6, 1981

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