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Hollywood Turncoat – A Memoir

March 28, 2015

Edward Dmytryk, the famous Hollywood Ten movie director, had a Grand Forks connection

Boundary History, 16th Report, Boundary Historical Society, 2014

Boundary History, 16th Report, Boundary Historical Society, 2014

Edward Dmytryk, the 1940s Hollywood movie director, was both famous and infamous in his time but few people may know that he has a Boundary region connection. The one-time Hollywood Ten member was born into a poor Ukrainian Catholic family in Grand Forks, B.C., on 4 September 1908. Not only did this vital statistic spark my interest as a former Kootenay-Boundary resident and historian, but a search through some historical newspaper records from 1914-1918 revealed that Dmytryk and his brothers Harry and Arthur went to Grand Forks Central School with my father Mike Verzuh and his brothers Frank and Nick. They too were from a poor immigrant family, Croatian in their case, and they too were born Catholic, but none of them achieved the international reputation that Dmytryk would both enjoy and suffer. See the rest of the story in the PDF below:

Hollywood Turncoat

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