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Bourbon Street Beat – A Short Story

February 6, 2013

A police detective is entangled in a New Orleans kidnapping

Mississippi drummer man of New Orleans.

Mississippi drummer man of New Orleans.

Justin Ouverture was speed-walking along Royal Street in a hurry to get to his office at the far end of the French Quarter when his right foot hit a raised termite cap. As he inspected his slightly scraped hand, having reached down to the uneven pavement to break his fall, a group of tourists swooshed by him on Segways. Apparently, they were the preferred touring vehicle in the Big Easy these days. He slapped his pant leg to clean off the street dust and as he began to walk his cell phone chimed a line from some Beethoven symphony. He flipped it open, put it to his ear and said “Detective Ouverture here.”

The caller said something that transformed Ouverture’s handsome face into a trademark frown of concern and made him double-time his pace. It was the day after New Year’s Eve and he knew what he would find, especially along Bourbon Street where the biggest crowds of young and wannbe young revellers had gathered the night before. At least he thought he knew. But there were always surprises in the Big Easy, always something unanticipated even for a seasoned cop like him. The phone call informed him that someone, a young girl, had been kidnapped in the early morning hours.

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