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New Orleans General Strike Remembered

November 8, 2012

Three-day strike defied racial divisions

New Orleans docks just before strike.

One-hundred and fifteen years ago today on November 8, 1892, half the workers of New Orleans struck for ten-hour day and other rights.

“In 1892 New Orleans was the scene of a general strike, the culmination of a decade’s growth and development of the city’s labor movement. New Orleans of that period has been described as ‘one of the best organized cities in the south,’ 1 and the three day strike was a powerful demonstration of the labor unity which had developed there. From November 8 until November 11, 20,000 to 25,000 unionists, who with their families constituted nearly half of the city’s population, refused to work.”

Bernard A. Cook, “The Typographical Union and the New Orleans General Strike of 1892,” Louisiana History, 24-4, (Autumn, 1983), pp. 377-388.

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