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Radical Cheek

February 15, 2011

A column in Goodwin’s, Canada's National Alternative Magazine

Promotional issue of Goodwin's spring 1983.

In the early 1980s, I initiated a discussion about starting a new national alternative magazine to be called Goodwin’s after the British Columbia labour martyr and socialist trade union leader, Albert ‘Ginger’ Goodwin.

The magazine was short-lived, running from spring 1983 to spring 1985 and publishing only nine 36-page issues. Though it set out to emulate the muckraking magazine Mother Jones in the United States, its start-up budget was $5,000 cobbled together through a handful of friends.

It shared MJ’s goal of developing credible, well-researched investigative journalism, but that ceased to be realistic beyond the first promising and courageous issue when the magazine released an investigation of Cruise missile testing in Canada. There were no millionaires to fund Goodwin’s dream of becoming Canada’s MJ.

My version of the Goodwin story is attached here along with some of my columns under the heading “Radical Cheek” and “Open Season.” Also attached are the first editorial and a promotional ad.

The Goodwin’s story – CdnDim

Editorial and masthead – Premiere issue

Goodwim’s promo ad

Radical Cheek – Summer 1984

Radical Cheek – Fall 1984

Radical Cheek – Winter 1984

Radical Cheek – Spring 1985

Open Season – Fall 1984

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