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Underground Times

December 15, 2010

Canada's Flower-Child Revolutionaries


Verzuh, Ron. Underground Times: Canada’s Flower-Child Revolutionaries (Toronto: Deneau Publishing, 1989).

Cover blurb

The Age of Aquarius was dawning. A radical, rebellious and sometimes illegal phenomenon was demanding attention – and getting it. Springing up everywhere, like a communal kick in the face to the Establishment, were ‘alternative’ or ‘underground’ newspapers proclaiming freedom and declaring war – freedom for a new generation of idealists, heroes and hippies; and war on the police, politicians, parents and everything made of plastic except Frisbees.

Battles were fought, arrests made, charges laid, and the long arm of the law clamped down. “Freedom of speech” ws temporarily hung out to dry.

Over time, the underground newspapers won the war – they survived, publishing with renewed vigour from caost to coast. But then the Sixties rolled quietly into the Seventies…

Something had changed. By the mid-Seventies none of the original underground newspapers was still being published. The boundless energy and racy style that had characterized these operations were gone,

Are there any survivors of an age that took no prisoners? What happened to the counterculure of the Sixties and does it exist today? Underground Times examines all of these questions and traces the changing face of underground rags from their flower-power inception to today’s yuppie-fueled journals.

Sample chapter

The Moroccan Camel Saddle Caper

The ground hog had stayed snowed under that year and the last blustery days of winter dogged Ottawans unable to make the pricey jaunt south for a week of sunshine in the Caribean. Even the Hari Krishnas, whose jingly bells and monotone mantras were usually a sure sign of spring, had opted to hibernate for a while longer. Spring breakup would come a month later and, although he didn’t know it, by then Tony Seed’s life would have changed completely. It was March 1968.

Chapter 2 – OCTOPUS

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3 Responses to Underground Times

  1. Leonel Canelo on March 12, 2011 at 1:51 am

    I am pretty sure this subject matter was examined on Sixty Minutes.

    • Ron Verzuh on March 14, 2011 at 12:42 am

      I wish. Other writers have since dabbled in the subject but I think my book remains the only one to try to give a rounded view of what the Canadian underground press was all abou. Todd Gitlin in the U.S. covered the American side and several authors have used the alternative press as a source in their popular histories of the 1960s and the counterculture. Thanks for you comment. Ron V.

  2. Hellseher on March 15, 2011 at 2:22 pm

    Hello, sry for my bad english but Ih ave uncovered your web site and would say that I come across your posts great simply because they have give me new ideas and new aspects. Thank you for this info.

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